Draytek Routers Now Include Wireless Access Point Controller

Unleash the Potential of your Wireless Network with DrayTek

Due to the convenience and flexibility offered, WiFi devices have become commonplace in corporate networks. A few years back, WiFi was limited to the use of personal devices such as smart phones and laptops. But with the Internet of Things, everything from barcode scanners to thermostats use WiFi.

The use of WiFi in corporate networks has increased exponentially, and managing wireless networks for a streamlined and secure BYOD implementation has become very challenging. Also as WiFi becomes ubiquitous, the commonly used 2.4Ghz band has become increasingly crowded and subject to a lot of interference.

Multiple wireless Access Points need to be deployed for site-wide coverage and bandwidth to be able to handle all the WiFi devices. SMBs might not have the budget for centralized management solutions involving Wireless Controllers. These are also typically difficult to integrate with existing SMB infrastructure and require specialized training for maintenance. While this expenditure is justified for large enterprises with hundreds of Access Points, it is not so for SMBs. Quite often, network administrators end up installing and maintaining each individual Access Point manually.

Manage all DrayTek Access Points from your DrayTek Router If you already have a DrayTek 2925 or 2860 series router, you can now manage all the DrayTek Access Points connected to the router with the new Access Point Management feature. All you need is a FREE firmware upgrade.

Concurrent Dual-Band Management

Both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz Wireless Profiles can be configured, managed and monitored centrally. This solves the problem of interference in the crowded 2.4Ghz band, important wireless applications and clients can connect to the 5GHz band for increased throughput and performance.

Increased Mobility and Coverage

APM makes it simple to deploy multiple Access Points for better wireless coverage throughout your network. With 802.1X Roaming devices can seamlessly transfer between APs.

AP Load Balancing

With APM, AP 900 devices can be setup for traffic load-balancing to increase the bandwidth available for your Wireless Clients.

Plug and Play Access Point Configuration

The central router can assign unique DHCP IP addresses to Access Points and push one Wireless profile to them when first plugged in. Auto-Provision makes zero configuration possible!

 Monitor wireless performance centrally with

AP Traffic Graphs

Manage all Access Points from router Web GUI

Setup schedules to backup or restore Access Point configurations, remotely reboot or conveniently push firmware upgrades to all Access Points from the central router.

No Additional Costs

APM lets you manage all your DrayTek Access Points centrally but they can still be managed as stand-alone devices. So there is no need to purchase expensive Wireless Controller hardware or software licenses; your existing DrayTek devices can adapt as your wireless network grows.

DrayTek has introduced a range of powerful single and dual-band Access Points to suit every budget and simplify WiFi deployment.